K9 Design mobile dog grooming offers a professional grooming service for all breeds of dogs.  All grooming and bathing includes your dogs nails to be trimmed and ears cleaned . Currently we do not offer breed specific or patterned styling.

Pricing is determined on your dog's size and the condition of its coat.

• Small dog: up to 8kg
• Medium dog: up to 20kg
• Large dog: up to 35kg
• Giant dog: over 35kg

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are set as a guide only and are subject to change upon

inspection of your dog at your appointment.

                                         Basic Wash   


                                                Short                       Medium/Long
Small up to 8kg                          $40                          $45-55
Medium up to 20kg                     $50                          $55-65
Large up to 35kg                        $70                          $75-85
Giant over 35kg                          $90                           $100 +

(deshedding fee may apply ontop of basic wash prices)

                                  Tidy up/Hygiene Clip 

                                                   Short                    Medium/Long
Small up to 8kg                           $65                          $70-80
Medium up to 20kg                     $75                           $80-90
Large up to 35kg                         $100                         $110-120   
Giant over 35kg                           $120                         $130 +

                                           Full Clip

                                                  Short                    Medium/Long
Small up to 8kg                         $75                           $85-95
Medium up to 20kg                   $95                           $100-110
Large up to 35kg                       $120                         $130-145  
Giant over 35kg                         $145                          $150 +

                                 Other Treatment Prices

  • Flea rinse  -   $10.00
  • Medicated OR Whitening Shampoo   -   $5.00 - $10.00
  • Aromatherapy Blueberry Facial + Massage -   $10.00

  • Monthly flea, tick & worm   -  $20.00- $26.00 per dosage
  • Capstar tablet   -  $10.00 
  • Ear Plucking   -  $10.00
  • Anal Gland extraction $20.00
  • Bandanas & Bows  -  $10.00 each
  • Nail polish    -  $15..00
  • Hair colouring or blow pen designs. (POA)

Services + Prices


Call 0421644961 to make a booking. By appointment only

Terms and Conditions

Minimum 24HR notice required for cancellation or you WILL be charged a percentage of your groom price.

Quotes provided are an approximation only and are subject to change. Change of mind/ incorrect information provided about your dogs condition or behavior  OR the type of groom requested is inadequate for your dogs needs. Additional fees will be payable on the day. Honesty is the best policy!***

Matted coats will incur an extra charge.  Please note not all dogs can be dematted and a short clip off may be required in many cases.

Deshedding & Undercoat removal will incur an extra charge.

Fleas will incur extra charges. Capstar tablet (to be determined at groomer’s discretion). Flea wash will be performed. You will also be able to purchase a monthly flea and tick treatment from me additional ontop of the groom This will protect your dog from further infestation for approximately 1 month. It is also highly recommended if infestation is present to wash your dogs bedding and flea bomb your home after the groom.

Medicated OR Whitening Shampoo if supplied by client free of charge, when supplied by K9 Design extra. Most medicated/whitening shampoos are required to be left on the skin for an extended length of time.

Dogs who take extra time for any reason incur extra charge.

Dogs who are aggressive or difficult to groom will incur an extra charge. Please note I do reserve the right to refuse service to any client/dog that presents with aggressive or vicious behaviour or proves risk to its own/ my safety.

Basic Wash Package

Our Basic Wash Package includes an overall skin analysis and general health check. A warm four step hydrobath and massage, including Shampoo & Conditioner which will be selected to suit your dogs requirements. Towel or gentle blow dry and a spritz of doggie cologne or deodorizer spray to finish.

Tidy up/ Hygiene Clip

 Includes overall skin analysis and general health check. A general brush out of dead loose coat. A warm four step hydrobath and massage, including Shampoo & Conditioner (selected to suit requirements). Towel or gentle blow dry. Your dogs face & feet are tidied with clippers or scissors. Sanitary clip (around bum, inside legs, thighs & underbelly). A spritz of doggie cologne or deodorizer spray to finish.

Full clip 

An overall skin analysis and general health check. . A warm four step hydrobath and massage, including Shampoo & conditioner (selected to suit requirements). Towel or gentle blow dry . A Full body clip and spritz of doggie cologne or deodorizer spray to finish.

Other Treatments

  • Flea Rinse -   (Kill fleas on your dog)

  • Medicated Rinse -  (skin irritations, fungal and bacterial infections). Whitening Shampoo (highly recommended for white dogs)

  • Blueberry Facial (Aromatherapeutic, tear free & smells divine. Dogs just love this)

  • Monthly flea, tick & worm treatments

  • Capstar tablet (will be administered for flea infestation )

  • Ear Plucking

  • Anal Gland Extraction

  • Nail Polish, Hair Colouring and Blow Pen Designs.